Today’s freebie is a lovely little admin drop down menu, inspired by ThemeForest’s admin menu. I love the chunky style and I have been wanting to put my own spin on this for a while. There is a resting and a hover state for the menu links and the logout button. I would love to see this in action if someone decides to give it a go! Enjoy and share!

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  1. ZachVisitor

    Great job on this one! Downloaded the .psd but was honestly hoping that it would include that background texture (layered) too 😉 Any chance we could get a hold of that? Thanks!

    • Zack SmithVisitor

      Thanks, Zach! The BG is actually pretty simple…it is just the black cross from our subtle pixel pattern pack at a super low opacity over a charcoal colored layer with 2% noise. Then, I punched a burst of white with a big feathered brush for the center spot lighting and set the blend mode to overlay..also at a very low opacity. Ta-da!

      • ZachVisitor

        Aaaaand your subtle pixel pattern pack has made me late for work.. great job Zack 🙂 Tons of cool ideas now. Great site by the way (subscribing)!

        • Zack SmithVisitor

          Haha, lovin’ it! Feel free to submit any suggestions for content that you would like to see. Also, watch for our new theme….should be up on ThemeForest today. Thanks again, we truly appreciate the kind words! 😀


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