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WordPress? Is it Right for Me?

WordPress is an incredibly powerful content management tool that has been leading the industry for years.  The best part about it…it is FREE & opensource!  Don’t get too excited, there is a lot of work that goes into building a custom WordPress driven site and the cost can become quite high.  However, the time and money that you will save with the ability to run, edit and maintain your own site is PRICELESS!

Think of it like this: You want to buy a car, the model that you like looks great, it’s clean and runs like a charm.  But there is something missing from the factory model…a more powerful motor, electric windows, leather seats and that fancy auto startin’ key fob dealy.  So what do you do?  Well, you keep looking until you find one for sale that already has what you want OR you get the custom additions pre-purchase.  So, there are many options that will allow you to have the most custom tailored site: implementation of a pre-fab template, a branded custom template or a full-blown WordPress overhaul.  The best thing is…we can take care of you no matter what your needs may be!


What WordPress Can Do for You

NOTE: WordPress is not for everyone, no need to worry…we are stellar at general sites too!

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