Never Get a “Real” Job

Our recently finished project Never Get a “Real” Job has been featured on the Wall Street Journal as well as inc., these are 2 very prestigious fortune 500 media outlets!  This is an amazing opportunity for us and we are very grateful for chance to work with Scott Gerber. One of the main highlights of NGRJ, Never Get a “Real” Job is the Young Entrepreneur Council that houses around fifty of the nation’s top young entrepreneurs and the “Ask the Council” feature, setting it apart from all the sites in it’s class.

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This site was custom designed in Photoshop with all of the client’s user interface needs in mind.  We first met with client, Scott Gerber, to assess all of the project needs and line out a plan of action. After a lengthy consultation and some insightful brainstorming, the initial design process began.

After the visual designing process was complete, the site was then sliced and coded using HTML 5 and CSS3. The final site was integrated as a custom WordPress site that was built from scratch.  In addition, there were many custom functions and plugins that were developed to work in tandem with the WordPress content management system.  Some of the custom features for the site include: A Q&A module that allows users to post comments to contributors and have them answered, custom accordion sidebar module with drag and drop content additions & multiple custom content areas in the footer.

This was an incredible opportunity and we hope that our efforts continue to benefit Scott for years to come. There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment and this project certainly brings great pride.  Thanks again to Scott Gerber for the opportunity!

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Never Get a “Real” Job utilizes:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Custom WordPress Q&A functions
  • Custom Javascript, jQuery and PHP
  • Cross Platform Database Integration


Never Get a "Real" Job Home Page

Custom glassy modal boxes

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