Q) What is Allur?

A) To us, Allur (just like allure, without the “e”) is everything…literally all we are and all you are. It is about passion for us, drive, inspiration…the appeal and intrigue of great functional designs and clients that are satisfied beyond their means.


Q) What DOESN’T Allur Do?

A) Great question, we would like to think that we can do it all. ¬†Unfortunately, we do have our limitations. Graphics, websites, photos, social media, e-commerce, illustrations….these are our specialties. One thing that we are NOT is an IT company, we will not likely provide you with tech support on your PC….especially since we all own Macs!


Q) Is Hosting Included with Your Websites?

A) No. However, Allur does offer VERY reasonable domain hosting at a competitive price. The best thing is that you get to hear our cheery voices over the phone instead of being put on hold for an hour and forgotten.



Q) Is Continued Maintenance Included with Your Websites?

A) No. If something happens and it is our fault, we will certainly take care of it for you free of charge. If you would like us to manage your site however, we will have to setup a plan that best suits your needs.


Q) Will I Get Email Accounts with My Website?

A) Absolutely! You can have one, two, three…even a hundred. Just make sure that you prepare all of the information for the individuals that will need emails prior to your projects completion.


Q) What Happens if I Lose My Website or Project Files, Will They Be Lost Forever?

A) Very, very unlikely. Not only do we backup your website and all of your files on our business systems BUT, we also have an online redundancy backup for all of our files. So, by the time that it is all said and done, your project files will be safely stored in not 1…not 2…not 3….but, 4 places!