Yesterday Apple announced the much awaited iPhone X and to go ahead helping the community we found 3 free iPhone X mockups worth of show casing on allur.

There will be a lot of new mockups and illustrations going forward and we will surely update this list. Enjoy

1. iStores Freebie iPhone X Mockup

Allur - iPhone X Mockup

2. Jae-Seong, Jeong iPhone X Mockup

3. Graphic Pear iPhone X

4. This one is not a free mockup, but it is worthy of mention:

This is a simple straightforward iPhone X mockup, from the latest Apple release in 2017.

Included is a PSD file with the smart object so you can replace the design with yours. High quality and easily changeable background.

Simply double click on the Smart Object and replace it with your own design, and voila! A beautiful mock-up ready for your Hero/Presentation on your website/landing page!

These are our first curated list of the best Pens. Every week will be posting a new curated list. Check it Out

1. “HER” movie loading by Siyoung Park

See the Pen Her – OS1 Loading by Siyoung Park (@psyonline) on CodePen.0

2. E-Commerce Shop (Single Item) by Fabio Ottaviani

See the Pen Daily UI #012: E-Commerce Shop (Single Item) by Fabio Ottaviani (@supah) on CodePen.dark

3.CSS Site Scroll Micro Animation by Ryan Mulligan

See the Pen CSS Site Scroll Micro Animation by Ryan Mulligan (@hexagoncircle) on CodePen.dark

4.Hamburger Icon Animations by Rosa

See the Pen Hamburger Icon Animations by Rosa (@RRoberts) on CodePen.dark

5. Printer Pull Down To Refresh by Nikolay Talanov

See the Pen Printer Pull Down To Refresh by Nikolay Talanov (@suez) on CodePen.dark

Code Pen is a social development environment for frontend developers. We think that it makes sense for allur to be publishing the best Pens out there because it is just what allur is about. Design and how we implement it on the web. We are web developers and quality code and stylish designs are what we aim to achieve.

We hope you like this little collection.

Today we have a great production PSD, a colorful Price Tag. Done with Georgia, this is a very stylish piece. Its very easy to change its hue and comes included with 6 different colors.


This week’s Texture Freebie includes six high-resolution exotic wood textures to use on your next project, the files comes with the original wood name for your reference.  These textures are close up shots made with a Canon 5d Mark ii and a 100mm macro lens.  Share, Comment, and Enjoy!



This Friday we have some nice b&w form elements . Share and enjoy!


Today we have a nice little textured inset category selector. It is always nice to have a thoughtfully styled selector for your users. There is a selector with up and down arrows as well as one with a plus and a minus for hover effects. There is also a nicely styled divider for the menu items. Share and enjoy!