Allur is a creative collaboration with skills ranging from illustration, web design & development. We all work closely together and focus is on creating stellar WordPress themes and releasing quality free content for designers and developers. We obsess about the details and feed off of criticism so, feel free to make requests & suggestions for our themes and freebies!

We can be found talking about all of the cool stuff we are doing on Facebook & Twitter daily.

Hami Gendron
Designer, Co-Owner

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After graduating in Graphic Design at Salette College, Montreal, Hami traveled the world in search of the ideal place to live and perhaps find gold… Key West it was. He has over 10 years of experience in the world of design, creating lovely graphics¬†and dreaming of ambitious projects.

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Rogers Sampaio
Dev-istator, Co-Founder

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WordPress, custom CMS, database management, PHP development, mobile name it, Rogers tackles all things dev.

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