This freebie has some meat on it…32, super subtle, photoshop pixel patterns! There are 16 sets of 2, black & white versions. Surely, people will find somewhere to put these suckers to good use. As usual…use it commercially, personally…the pixel police will not be showing up at your place of business. Enjoy them, share them and most importantly…..tell your friends!

The download is a .pat file…just pop it into your patterns folder inside your presets. Photoshop > Presets > Patterns. Finally, all that you have to do is load those puppies in the preset manager OR you could always just drag and dropthem…that works too. =)


Pattern Preview 1

Pattern Preview 2

Pattern Preview 3

Pattern Preview 4

Pattern Preview 5

Pattern Preview 6

Pattern Preview 7

Pattern Preview 8

Pattern Preview 9

Pattern Preview 10

Pattern Preview 11

Pattern Preview 12

Pattern Preview 13

Pattern Preview 14

Pattern Preview 16

Pattern Preview 15

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  1. rogerVisitor

    Thank you! I was looking for this =))

  2. Gaurav PatelVisitor

    Thanks for sharing Zack – they look pretty sweet.

  3. MichaelVisitor

    These remind me of the Macpaint days. Thanks for the textures, you guys are true gentle(wo)men. M

  4. arneVisitor

    These are great! Thanks a lot!

  5. lukman efendiVisitor

    thanks guy…

  6. johnsonVisitor

  7. Jennifer ShihVisitor


  8. WesleyVisitor

    Thank you so much for these. mostly appreciated

  9. Edgar FlemingVisitor

    This is nice… thanks for the short-cut!


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