Today’s freebie includes an assortment of 8 hi-res “Aged Wood” textures to use on your next project.


So….this is a pretty decent one. Today, we have a custom image viewer skin (created with PrettyPhoto in mind, but could be for whatever.) up for grabs. The PSD is, as always, fully layered, organized & designed with scalable vector shapes. There are also hover & resting states for all of the main slide controls. There is a ‘pause’ button included with it’s own hover and resting states as well. Be sure to check out a shot of it full-sized above. We hope that you can put it to work, enjoy!

If you like, you can grab our patterns that were used in the design here.

Clean Custom Lightbox Skin PSD, pause revealed.


The freebie of the day is slightly off from the norm…saw one of these Twitter trending widgets the other day that was ugly as could be. I figured that I would make my own version with a touch more class. There are hover states for each of the trending topics as well as a tooltip for an expanded view of the tweet titles. =) Use it for the web’s sake! You can download the PSD below.


From the logo and web design to the web development, we have built this site from the ground up fulfilling the needs of our client.

This website has few custom CMS in WordPress like an advanced Q&A  System that is integrated with the WordPress users and collaborators, which allows a dynamic communication process fully manageable from a custom admin panel. Another custom WordPress function consist of a post display within a list format or a slide show depending on the post publication date.
Here is a link to the live website:

This freebie has some meat on it…32, super subtle, photoshop pixel patterns! There are 16 sets of 2, black & white versions. Surely, people will find somewhere to put these suckers to good use. As usual…use it commercially, personally…the pixel police will not be showing up at your place of business. Enjoy them, share them and most importantly…..tell your friends!

The download is a .pat file…just pop it into your patterns folder inside your presets. Photoshop > Presets > Patterns. Finally, all that you have to do is load those puppies in the preset manager OR you could always just drag and dropthem…that works too. =)


Pattern Preview 1

Pattern Preview 2

Pattern Preview 3

Pattern Preview 4

Pattern Preview 5

Pattern Preview 6

Pattern Preview 7

Pattern Preview 8

Pattern Preview 9

Pattern Preview 10

Pattern Preview 11

Pattern Preview 12

Pattern Preview 13

Pattern Preview 14

Pattern Preview 16

Pattern Preview 15


Logo design that was done for the Curry House of Key West. The crane has come to be a symbolic reference for the business and they wanted to have it incorporated in to a simple, timeless logo to project their image. This is what we delivered.