Today’s freebie is a nice set of free hi-res paper and cardboard textures to use on your next project. This pack consists of 11 textures including some packaging paper, notepads, folders, envelopes & more! Use em’, love em’, share em’!

Paper & Cardboard 1

Paper & Cardboard 2

Paper & Cardboard 3

Paper & Cardboard 4

Paper & Cardboard 5

Paper & Cardboard 6

Paper & Cardboard 7

Paper & Cardboard 8

Paper & Cardboard 9

Paper & Cardboard 10

Paper & Cardboard 11

This PSD is free for use on any of your commercial or personal projects.



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  1. Buy OnlineVisitor

    Good Article

  2. DanVisitor

    I think there is a typo in the link – Paper should begin with a capital P, so the link should point to: http://localhost:8888/

    Great stuff here.
    Thanks for the fish.


    • Zack SmithVisitor

      Hey Dan, thanks for stopping by! Sorry about that, re-did some file structuring the other day…must have missed this one. All good now, enjoy!


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