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About us? Hmm….where to begin…

Allur is an idea, shared by 3 very talented individuals that are driven by a common passion and a desire to make the best and to be the best at all that they do.   Creativity and innovation are at the center of everything that we produce, a part of our passion is visible in all of our projects and that brings us great pride.  For us, it is not about the quick turnarounds and the fast buck, for us it is about the dream…living it and trying to help as many people around us with our awesome skill sets. Plus, being your own boss is pretty cool too.

Allur’s main goal is to rid the world and primarily small to mid-sized businesses of the enduring stigma that you can’t look or function like the big guys…we say phooey!  You can and it is what you deserve, we will see to it that it happens.

We provide quality custom websites, print designs, illustration, logos, photography, WordPress integration and much, much more.

One of our co-founders, Jeff Rumans, was an active duty Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.  Jeff served for 5 years as an electronics technician and did tours of duty in Thailand, The Philippines, Korea, Guam & Japan.

Allur is a member of the Veteran Owned Business Association.